Do Your Damn Job Lyrics

Lyrics and Music By: Jessica Shepherd and David Valley

Copyright 2007


I moved to Comal county, thought it was the place for me,
Some good, country livin’ where the air is clean and free,
But somethin’ made make me think, my freedom’s had it’s day
Put my recycling on the curb but it never went away


Oh, the next ten months I called them 37 times,
I never got more than some noise on the line,
They wouldn’t take my trash, so I took it to them,
It’s at New Braunfels City Hall, right on the front steps


The next day at my door the Sherriff told me,
“You messed with Texas, girl’ – can you smell the irony?
Go on and lock me up, at least’ I’m not a slob!
All I’m sayin’ is DO YOUR DAMM JOB!!!


I’m just a tree huggin’, Hippie lovin’, Breaker of the Law!,
waster of taxes is what the jury saw,
I wanna save the world, By doin’ my part
What I’m sayin’ is DO YOUR DAMM JOB!!!

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