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Jessica Shepherd Releases, "You're Country Now"

Sean B. and The Radio Indy Review Team; December 27, 2009

"You're Country Now" is a terrific album from the talented Jessica Shepherd. It is an album filled with classic honky-tonk and good old Country music songs with an emphasis on twangy vocals, western guitar sounds, and the fiddle. In the song, "Humpty Dumpty," Jessica sings a pleasant and leisurely fun Country song about the classic children's tale of Humpty Dumpty's infamous situation on his wall, featuring great fiddle (Laurie Gibson) and guitar (Kim Deschamps) solos. Another song, "Soldiers of Love," we get a more earnest and edgy song that tells a story through a Country/Blues backbone beat and evocative lyrics.

The track, "Five Year Fling," has a smooth and flowing beat, strong and emotive vocals, and a charming Honky Tonk piano solo (by Nick Connolly) giving this catchy tune it's delightful and attractive appeal. This album is for all Country music fans that enjoy a fresh and innovating classical approach to the genre and features a talented female vocalist. If that sounds like music you would appreciate then you will want to listen to Jessica Shepherd's latest album "You're Country Now."

Watch Jessica's video. Still image of lake scene from video