Jessica Shepherd's CD release party

Jessica Shepherd CD Release Party!

Despite the cold weather, Maria’s Tacos was a warm and friendly place to be Wed. Dec 9

Article by Anonymous Music Fan

South Austin dances the night away with the Jessica Shepherd Band.

I started my day as an embedded reporter with David Valley, bass player and one of the co-producers of Jessica Shepherd’s new album. It was Wed. Dec 9th, the day of Jessica’s Cd release Party at Maria’s Tacos in south Austin. The weather was cold...too cold for an outdoor show. Last minute rumors were flying around about a possible cancellation. Insiders in the Jessica camp feared low attendance due to the cold. David however, was determined to remain upbeat and positive.

So many preparations had already been made: a live recording of the show and video crew were already hired to document the event. So tensions were indeed high and the stress in the Jessica Shepherd camp was palpable to say the least.

I arrived at Maria’s at 4:30PM with David, who was supervising the load in and setup of the tons of PA and recording gear needed to accomplish the task at hand.

Some time into the setup, a call was received from Skylark records that the gig was to be moved inside the restaurant, doubling the work and tripling the chances of something going wrong.

But the gig went off without a hitch! The band, which featured Danny B. Harvey on lead guitar, Laurie Gibson on fiddle, Kyle Judd on lead acoustic guitar, Perry Drake on drums, David Valley on bass performed brilliantly through a fun 2 set show which covered all the songs from Jessica’s new album as well as most of her first album, Travellin’ Girl, plus a few new tunes too!

Watch Jessica's video. Still image of lake scene from video