Music Therapy

Jessica Shepherd has developed an entertaining, seasonal program of folk, country, big band, gospel, and show tunes from the 1920-1950’s era of music. The “Sing Along” style of participation is encouraged, thus giving the residents in assisted living and nursing homes today the benefits of breathing deeply and singing. The music repertoire is tailored to stimulate memories and thus, reconnect or reinforce neural pathways.

How Do Seniors Benefit From Music Therapy?

Here are just a few improvements noted by existing clients, their spouses and families:

  • Better awareness and concentration
  • Enhances interest levels and social interaction
  • Improves memory and recall
  • Happier outlook on life and higher self-esteem
  • Increases mobility and coordination
  • Diminishes pain and improves recovery time
  • Reduces tension and promotes relaxation

If you are an Assisted Living Facility, please Contact Jessica here.

Performances are scheduled in one hour sessions during the following times:

  • Monday through Friday
    10:00am | 10:30 am | 1:30 pm | 2:00 pm | 3:00 pm | 3:30 pm

Early evening sessions are also available to suit your needs, if necessary. References are available upon request. Contact Jessica for booking and information.

Watch Jessica's video. Still image of lake scene from video Sing Like a Pro. Learn more. Picture of a hand holding a microphone